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 Road and Transportation


Road & transportation at a glance

2.1. Transport infrastructures:

  • Highways: 130 Kilometers
  • Major roads: 563 Kilometers
  • Local roads: 411 Kilometers
  • Village roads: 2669 Kilometers

2.2. Terminals and En-route general and welfare-services:

  • 'Incheh borun' border terminal
  • 'Gorgan and Gonbad' passenger terminal
  • Private passenger transport terminals: 43 companies
  • Private goods transport terminals: 64 companies
  • 5 About to open en-route welfare-services

2.3. Rural Police stations:

  • There are 4 stations in the counties of Nokandeh, Ramian Azadshahr, Aq Qola and Minoo Dasht.

2.4. Rural emergency and rescue and relief stations:

  • There are 24 rural emergency stations.
  • There are 5 rural rescue and relief stations.

2.5. Mechanized technical inspection centers for heavy vehicles:

  • There is 1 available center in Gorgan.
  • There is 1 center, about to open in Ali Abad.

2.6. Goods domestic transport:

Rural goods transport should follow clear procedures from the road maintenance and transportation organization. The road transport shares over 95 percent among the whole transportation methods.

  • Number of domestic goods transport: 64 companies
  • Number of drivers of goods vehicle fleet: 9229 drivers
  • Measure of goods passing through the province: 959 million MT.Kilometer
  • Measure of goods transported from the province center: 3873 thousands MT
  • Major products imported to the province: corn, cement, gypsum.
  • Major products exported from the province: wheat, coal, chipboard.
  • Number of clubs of drivers of goods vehicles: 3 client type club.
  • Number of the stirring vehicles for goods transport: 5094 vehicles.

2.7. Passenger transport:

The share of road transport for passenger transposition in estimated over 90 percent of the total share of passenger transport. Consequently, closer and more serious attention is required in this field.

  • Number of passenger transport companies: 64 stirring companies.
  • Number of inside province transported passengers: 6 million people.
  • Number of outside province transported passengers: 7.2 million people.
  • The passenger fleet includes 309 cars, 1112 mini buses and 343 buses.
  • Number of drivers in the field of passenger transport: 3006 drivers.

2.8. Number of stirring overseas transportation companies in the province: 19 companies.

2.9. The overseas transport:

As the borders terminals are always considered as one of the most important places for the exchange of goods and transport between the main land and neighboring countries and also considering road transport as a major portion in the whole means of transportations, clear organization and necessary reformation of overland borders, could be a great asset in development of international transport. Concerning the specific geographical position of 'Incheh borun' border terminal in the region and also in the north-south corridor, it has always been considered as one of the main national border terminals and plays a significant role in transit, import and export affairs of the country. The 'Incheh borun' border terminal covers an area of 49 hectares, is located in 75 Kilometers of the province center and 70 Kilometers to the city of 'Gond'.

  • The daily traffic of 'Incheh Borun' border : 110 vehicles.
  • Measure of import during year of 1387 (21st March 2008 up to 20th March 2009): 114 thousands MT.
  • Measure of export during year of 1387 (21st March 2008 up to 20th March 2009): 140 thousands MT.
  • Measure of transit during year of 1387 (21st March 2008 up to 20th March 2009): 255 thousands MT.
  • The amount of suitcase passenger transport: 108 thousands MT.
  • Number of overseas unions: 1 union.

2.10. Road safety:

Road safety has always considered as one of the major transport principles and cause of the technology development, the attention required to the scope of safety, has vastly increased. Transportation studies in the developed countries demonstrate that the road safety measures have preceded alongside the developments happened in other sectors. Road safety has always been considered as a multi-sectorial, intersectional issue and lots of transportation affiliated or independent organizations deal with that. The Golestan provincial RMTO, following nature of its duties, has managed certain affairs in terms of developing road safety in the province region, of them, we can name some as below:

  • Project of physical immunization of roadside schools that is now covering 5500 pupils in 51 schools, with close collaboration of related organizations. It is necessary to indicate that number of identified road side schools aggregate on 128 academies in the province.
  • Constructing 2 training traffic parks in the counties of Gonbad and Gorgan, with close contribution of relevant municipalities.
  • Installing the traffic counting devices for monitoring, extraction and evaluating traffic parameters.
  • Managing cultural affairs for improving traffic culture level, through celebrating exhibitions, firms, brochures distribution, traffic training distribution and holding training courses.

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