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 Golestan today


Gorgan (and in general, the Golestan province), has a world-famous carpet and rug industry, made by Turkmen. The patterns of these carpets are derived from the ancient Persian city of Boxârâ (Bukhara) which is now located in the Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan. Jajim carpets are also crafted in this province.
Major academic centers of Golestan province include:

  • Islamic Azad University of Gorgan
  • Lamei Gorgani Institute of Higher Education
  • Mirdamad Institute of Higher Education
  • Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
  • Golestan University of Medical Sciences
  • Hakeem Jorjani Institute of Higher Education

There are some tourism appeals in the province as below:

  • 'Naharkhoran' woodland park
  • 'Alangdareh' jungle
  • 'Ziarat (pilgrimage)' village
  • 'Hezarpich (1000 turns)' hill
  • 'Sedavosima (Radio TV)' hill
  • 'Nalbandan' bazaar
  • 'Ghazlagh' caravansary
  • 'Chehar Bagh (4 gardens) and Shahkuh' village
  • 'Shir Abad' fall
  • 'Nodehmalek' jungle
  • 'Abbas Ali' square
  • 'Emadieh' school
  • 'Sarkhankolateh' hill
  • 'Rangoo' jungle
  • 'Ashooradeh' island
  • The lakes of 'Alagol','Almagol' and 'Ajigol'
  • 'Ghorogh' jungle and zoo
  • 'Kaboodvall' in the village of 'Ali Abad'
  • 'Golfeshan' in the road of Incheh borun

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